Junk in the Trunk

Junk in the Trunk

It took me blowing my tire on the 10 freeway yesterday to finally remove the ‘junk from my trunk’. While waiting for road side assistance (I tried to change it myself…I know, nice attempt for the princess but the lugs were too tight ) I decided it was meant to be car day. Washed the car….but, I don’t understand paying $20 only to drive away, roll my windows down…run an errand, roll my windows up, to have water marks on the windows and all down the car. Damn! I have to do manual labor AND pay for it???? I JUST threw out any spare dirty rags I had in my trunk…what’s a girl to do?? Now here comes the debate…. soft, cotton, absorbent,  hhmmm my undies? DO I peel off  the ‘junk from my trunk’ and do the  wipe down before it’s too late? AND, can these EVER be salvaged again? What’s the protocol for keeping or ditching? I wonder how many of you think I did it…..AND if I have junk in my trunk!!!!


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