PP Pants


Procrastination. How ridiculous is it when you decide it’s easier to go out and buy new underwear rather than do laundry? Does that make me a princess or was it just a prompt for me to assess my collection and validate it was time for a different kind of freshness that Bounty couldn’t give me? One could say I prolonged the assessment of my collection for over the due limit; perhaps my procrastination provided proactive behavior? I therefor claim my new undergarments to be PP Pants, Proactive Procrastination Panties!!!


2 Responses to “PP Pants”

  1. 1 John Carlisle November 10, 2009 at 12:13 am

    Was it really a lack of motivation to do laundry, or the more commonly experienced Underwear Boredom Syndrome (UBS)?

    UBS has been known to possess men to stop at three different Target Stores in one week just hoping to find a package of Hanes assorted color briefs that wasn’t just 3 pair in shades of blue and 2 pair in grey.

    Because everyone knows that there are orange Hanes and even purple Hanes out there, and UBS demands a legitimate response!

    Does Kmart carry Hanes?

    • 2 Bad Booty November 10, 2009 at 8:09 pm

      Dear UBS,

      Not to be confused with IBS. The answer to your question is, I do not work for the colossal K and can wait to get my Hanes on you. I do believe that white is a prism of color and therefor a clean package (no pun there) of white can set any mood if you carry a crystal at all times!!! This is a legitimate response from Bad Booty Central.

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