The Hipster Crowd

It used to be you would only see crack on plumbers and whores? The other day I decided to have myself a soy latte at the local coffee house and enjoy my art books for a few. This means, in the Hollywood area of LA, the hipster crowd will divert my attention occasionally…..a young, attractive guy bent over to play with a dog outside on the sidewalk and literally had his back goods on display for way over the necessary limit and I am not just talking time. At what point does the girlfriend tell the boyfriend……not hip to hang out. Um….if you are THAT hip….you DON”T sit! (or squat)


Junk in the Trunk

Junk in the Trunk

It took me blowing my tire on the 10 freeway yesterday to finally remove the ‘junk from my trunk’. While waiting for road side assistance (I tried to change it myself…I know, nice attempt for the princess but the lugs were too tight ) I decided it was meant to be car day. Washed the car….but, I don’t understand paying $20 only to drive away, roll my windows down…run an errand, roll my windows up, to have water marks on the windows and all down the car. Damn! I have to do manual labor AND pay for it???? I JUST threw out any spare dirty rags I had in my trunk…what’s a girl to do?? Now here comes the debate…. soft, cotton, absorbent,  hhmmm my undies? DO I peel off  the ‘junk from my trunk’ and do the  wipe down before it’s too late? AND, can these EVER be salvaged again? What’s the protocol for keeping or ditching? I wonder how many of you think I did it…..AND if I have junk in my trunk!!!!

Droopy Drawers


Put on your party pants…… one likes a sad sack….lift em’ up high and proud! If the elastic is thread bare, it’s not sufficient support. Stuff the goods in a fresh pair, send out a message of love and others will return it. Let the party begin! (Interpret how you prefer but my intention is…underwear and nads as a deep metaphor, Why not?…it’s my frickin’ blog. (said with love)


Become “The Ass” of Bad Booty Wear Contest!

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Here at Bad Booty Wear, we strive to bring you not only an incredibly useful and stylish set of products but also a good time as well! Not the kind of good time you may find on Vine street after 2 am but some great stuff that you can still shake your booty at!

Today I am proud to announce the start of our “Become The Ass of the Company Contest” where you will have a chance to become “The Ass” of our company and win some cash in the process! Everything you need (including the rules which YOU MUST FOLLOW TO WIN) is posted below! Feel free to tweet, share, post, email and spam this to everybody you know! Check out our example audition tape at the top of this post!

Here is what the contest is all about:

Be Our Bad Booty Now!

Amateur photography/video contest on seeks pictures/videos of men/women over the age of 18 for entry into the first Become the Ass of the company Contest.

One winner will be featured as the ad campaign for 2010. Contestants will post their photos to and videos to The Ass of The Company by January 15th. All submitted videos and photos will be judged based on humor, creativity, theme, props. Those using Bad Booty Briefs will score higher points and currently these are being sold online for $10.99 plus shipping & handling.

The top 10 semi-finalists will be posted online at and opened up to internet voting starting January 20th and closing January 31st. The winner of Become the Ass of the Company will be announced and posted on February 14th, 2010.

  • The prize awards for 1st place is $100, “2010 Ass of the Company” title, cover model shot for 2010 ad campaign, Friggin’ Braggin Rights Man!, framed shot of 2010 ad campaign, guest spot on Bad Booty Blog and a weeks supply of monogrammed Bad Booty Briefs!
  • 2nd place $50, some braggin’ rights, a guest spot on Bad Booty Blog and a weeks supply of monogrammed Bad Booty Briefs!
  • 3rd place $25, minor braggin’ rights , a guest spot on Bad Booty Blog and a weeks supply of monogrammed Bad Booty Briefs!

For the official rules and all other information, please continue reading below.

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PP Pants


Procrastination. How ridiculous is it when you decide it’s easier to go out and buy new underwear rather than do laundry? Does that make me a princess or was it just a prompt for me to assess my collection and validate it was time for a different kind of freshness that Bounty couldn’t give me? One could say I prolonged the assessment of my collection for over the due limit; perhaps my procrastination provided proactive behavior? I therefor claim my new undergarments to be PP Pants, Proactive Procrastination Panties!!!

Breath or Not to Breath, That is the Question


Should you always be prepared with your Sunday best under your dress? Does everyone have that one emergency pair that they look at in their drawer and go oh no, it’s down to THESE? Crap, I have a date, need to go…now what does one do…I know, everyone is saying, commando but some days we feel foot loose and fancy free to breath in the fresh air and other days we want to feel a bit swaddled right? 2nd dates call for protective armor man!!

I wonder, do men put the effort in to look good from head to toe, sexy in their Sunday best, dress to impress under the dress? Or is it that last shot of baby powder that says, yes, I am a ready man now??!! Do tell!

Elastic, Support and Bush


Welcome to the first post of Bad Booty, wear elastic and support….wait, WHERE elastic and support news is first and foremost. How much can I stretch my first blog entry, the answer is until I snap. Two snaps and oh no she didn’t….isn’t that what they say in West Hollywood? More like, Oh no, if my cool cousin living in Brooklyn reads this, my cool factor just got luke warm……..

I promise these will get better. So why tighty whities, so why not. Old school is hot if you know how to own it. I’m thinkin’, Burt’s thinkin, you’re so 2008. Wish I didn’t laser, kinda thinkin’ Bush is back and not D.C. style people! And snap.